Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to : Red Jeans

Celebrity Style Inspiration : Jessica Alba

Outfit inspired by Jessica Alba 

The colored denim trend is everywhere these days! It's a celebrity street style favorite. According to me, Jessica Alba is one of the best dressed celebrities out there. And here, she has pulled off the colored denim trend with so much ease. She looks so effortlessly put together. 

Now we all know that red jeans aren't for all of us. They're so "in your face". And if you're a little apprehensive about trying out the whole colored denim trend, try this thing I do : wear black or white or both, to keep the rest of the outfit muted, and the jeans to give the perfect "pop" of color. That's what Jessica Alba does here too! Opt for simple structured pieces with your bright jeans. 

How to : Red Jeans

Miss Selfridge sleeveless top
$49 -

H m blazer
£25 -

High heels
$38 -

Natasha Couture sparkle jewelry
$17 -

Forever 21 beaded necklace
$5.80 -

H&m sunglasses
£3.99 -

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