Saturday, April 28, 2012

Swimsuit Cover Ups

Summer is almost here! It's time for pool parties and trips to the beach. I love being at the beach or near a pool just chilling with the people I love most. 
So since summer is almost here and everyone is getting bikini ready, I thought I'd dedicate this post to finding the perfect cover ups for your swimsuit. 

Cover ups can get a bit monotonous with everyone wearing shorts or an over sized shirt over their swimsuits. So I put together four outfits that'll make the cutest cover ups for hanging out by the pool or the beach. 


Swimsuit cover up #1

Checkered shirt
$45 -

H&M short jean shorts
£15 -

Patagonia bikini swimwear
$39 -

Black bandeau bikini
$24 -

Old Navy wedge flip flops
$15 -

J Crew beach tote bag
$45 -

H&M retro sunglasses
£4.99 -


Swimsuit cover up #2

$35 -

Abercrombie Fitch polka dot swimwear
$30 -

Abercrombie Fitch nylon bikini
$30 -

Forever 21 flat thong sandals
$9.80 -

H&M metal sunglasses
£6.99 -


Swimsuit cover up #3

H M short tube dress
£7.99 -

Miss Selfridge floral print bikini
$46 -

Wallis flat heel shoes
$32 -

H M zip bag
£9.99 -

Wet Seal chain jewelry
$9.50 -

Plastic shades
$28 -

Swimsuit cover up #4

H M short dress
£7.99 -

Warehouse bikini swimwear
$25 -

Warehouse bikini swimwear
$21 -

Old Navy capri sandals
$15 -

H m bag
£9.99 -

Crystal stud earrings
£16 -

H&M aviator shades
£6.99 -

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to : Red Jeans

Celebrity Style Inspiration : Jessica Alba

Outfit inspired by Jessica Alba 

The colored denim trend is everywhere these days! It's a celebrity street style favorite. According to me, Jessica Alba is one of the best dressed celebrities out there. And here, she has pulled off the colored denim trend with so much ease. She looks so effortlessly put together. 

Now we all know that red jeans aren't for all of us. They're so "in your face". And if you're a little apprehensive about trying out the whole colored denim trend, try this thing I do : wear black or white or both, to keep the rest of the outfit muted, and the jeans to give the perfect "pop" of color. That's what Jessica Alba does here too! Opt for simple structured pieces with your bright jeans. 

How to : Red Jeans

Miss Selfridge sleeveless top
$49 -

H m blazer
£25 -

High heels
$38 -

Natasha Couture sparkle jewelry
$17 -

Forever 21 beaded necklace
$5.80 -

H&m sunglasses
£3.99 -

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Trend #1 : Maxi Dress

YAY! We're down to my number one trend for spring/summer 2012! And the number one trend for me this spring is...(wait for it...)... MAXI DRESSES!

I absolutely love maxi dresses. They are super flattering on any body type and they have just the right amount of boho to be dressed up or dressed down. Plus, the make really fashionable cover ups for the beach! 

Here are six of my favorite maxi dresses :

Maxi dresses

AX Paris layered dress
£21 -

Miss Selfridge bandeau dress
$65 -

Oasis cocktail party dress
$50 -

Miss Selfridge teal maxi dress
$65 -

Jane Norman long maxi dress
£48 -

My absolute favorite maxi dress is the AX Paris strapless maxi dress. I bought it about two weeks back but I think I've already worn it everywhere - to the beach, to lunch with my friends, to class... So I wanted to share with you my "go to" maxi dress ensemble. Here it is

Maxi Dress outfit

AX Paris maxi dress
£21 -

Leather sandals
$52 -

Vintage shoulder bag
$170 -

Wet Seal rhinestone jewelry
$13 -

Mango triangle earrings
£9.99 -