Saturday, May 5, 2012

Getting Ready for a Night Out

The semester is about to end and it is time to party it up!! One of the reasons I love to go out is because I LOVE to dress up for nights out. I feel like I can dress up differently everytime. I can express how I'm feeling by the way I dress. I don't really have a particular way I like to dress because sometimes I feel super girly, sometimes boho, sometimes preppy, sometimes sexy... you get the picture. 

I put together some going out looks for you guys, and all of them are pretty affordable too (all the dresses are below $50!). Here I've put together 3 looks : glamorous, preppy and super-girly. 


This look is for the nights you're feeling like a celebrity. This dress is so Kim Kardashian, right? This dress makes a statement, so we're keeping the accessories to a minimum with just earrings, and keeping the rest of the outfit black, so the dress can really be in the spotlight. 

Sequin Dress

Sequin evening dress
$30 -

Pretty Polly black opaque stocking
£7 -

ALDO patent leather platform pumps
$40 -

Satin handbag
£18 -

Chunky jewelry
$35 -


This look is perfect for a date night. It's a very put together and sophisticated look. Try this look if you love the Blair Waldorf look from Gossip Girl. The dress is very pretty but I would recommend wearing a black cardigan with it go all out preppy. I love the pearl necklace and pearls just give the outfit an instant boost of sophistication. 


Mango dot dress
£30 -

Great Plains black top
$23 -

High heel pumps
$40 -

Worthington south sea pearl jewelry
$16 -


I love dressing super girly when I'm going out with my girlfriends for a night out. This dress is perfect for when you want to be girly. It's just the perfect amount of pink! The shoes are really cute too and the bows on them add another girly-ness factor to the outfit. (I love the Betsy Johnson necklace, it's really pretty!)


Pink dress
$48 -

Peep toe pumps
$38 -

Monki genuine leather handbag
€20 -

Kate Spade 14k earrings
$38 -

Betsey Johnson locket necklace
$47 -

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